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Eptura Knowledge Center

Navigate Space Availability

The Space Availability screen lets you quickly view the available spaces in your buildings.

Navigate to Reservations > Space Availability. The space availability will depend on what spaces you are allowed to reserve and the configured reservation rules.


From this screen, you can:

  • Change the date and time.
  • Change the building and floor.
  • Change the filter view for the spaces to see the available spaces or all spaces.
  • Search by name, description, or space type.
  • View who reversed the space.
  • Switch between the floor plan view and the calendar view.
  • Change the space type filter.
  • Use navigation toolbar to zoom in/out, rotate the floor plan, change to the 3D view, and resets bearing to north.
  • Use your mouse to move around the floor plan.
  • View the legend.

Date and Time Selection

This lets you select a duration, such as a part-day event,  all-day event, or multi-day event.


Building and Floor Filter

You can select the building and floor to filter to your desired location.


View Filter

This lets you view Available Spaces or All Spaces.



This lets you search for space by name, description, or space type.


View who Reserved the Space

When are you in Space Availability and want to see who has booked the space, you can click on the space and the Reservation Card displays the who reserved the space.


Floor Plan View and Calendar View

This lets you switch between the Floor Plan View, where you can see the space availability, and a Calendar View, where you can see the spaces by date.


Space Type Filter

The Space Type drop-down menu provides the ability to show specific types of available spaces, including the ability to go down to specific conference rooms or actual employee desks.


Navigation Toolbar

The toolbar contains the following icons:

Icon Description
view_icon.png Change to 3D view.
rotate_icon.png Rotates the floor plan clockwise.
zoom_in_icon.png Zoom in
zoom_out_icon.png Zoom out
reset_north_icon.png Reset bearing to north

Also, you can use your mouse wheel to zoom the floor plan in and out. 

Move Floor Plan

Use your mouse to click on the floor plan to move it up/down or left/right.


The legend describes the colors on the floor plan.