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Barcode Scan Sled

The barcode scan sled allows you to turn your iPhone 5 / 5s or iPod Touch 5 into a barcode scanner. Using the scan sled, you can perform many of the same functions as you can normally through the Mail App with the added convenience of traditional laser scanning. Watch the following video for information on the features available with the barcode scan sled.

When you pair a barcode scan sled with your iOS device, you gain immediate access to laser scanning capabilities that are both functional and familiar, allowing you to check-in and deliver packages with ease. 


On the Home screen, when you press and hold the scan button on the scan sled and scan a barcode, it will give you the option to:

  • Check-in (if the package is not already checked-in)
  • View the Mail Item Details (if checked-in)
  • Deliver the package if it is checked-in and inbound


When you tap Check-In, use the right-hand scanner button to scan the barcode of the item you want to check-in. Upon scanning a barcode, it will allow you to enter the recipient and sender details and complete the Check-In process. 


If you tap the Deliver button from the home screen, you may use the Scan button on the Scan Sled to quickly deliver any already-checked-in, inbound package. Scanning the barcode will take you directly to the Signature screen.


To quickly search for a package on the Search screen, you may use the Scan button on the Scan sled to filter by the tracking number.

Magic Scan

You can also use the magic_scan_button_a1a.png (Magic Scan) button on the Home screen of the app, which enables the scanner once you click the button on right of the scan sled. If the mail item is already checked-in, you have the option to either Deliver if it is inbound, or tap Mail Item Details to learn more about the item.