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Update Users Directly from Category - 2016 April

You can now update user information while working on the Category screen. Using two new buttons in the Users section on this screen, you can now update user information or ping a user's room location in the Space module. These enhancements allow you to quickly update and verify user records from a new location, saving time when making adjustments to categories.


New buttons in the Category - Users section


For example, suppose you notice the users associated with a category item are not currently assigned to rooms. Rather than navigating away from the Category screen to update the records, simply click the Edit button to the right of a user to access the User Maintenance screen. On this screen, add the room information to the user record and click the Save button. Then click the Done button to return to the Category screen, where additional users can be updated.


With this enhancement, the Space Pinger button has been added to the Category screen to allow you to ping the room location with a single click. This feature provides you with a visual representation of the corresponding room assignment, allowing you to easily verify the user was added to the correct location.


Space pinger accessed from categories

Quickly verify a user's room assignment


These enhancements, which will be rolled out over the next two weeks, provide administrators with more flexibility when assigning employees to rooms, allowing them to change and visualize room assignments from a single location.