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Eptura Knowledge Center

View your Reservations

View your upcoming reservations, and you can edit or delete the reservation.

View your Reservations

Navigate to Reservations > My Reservations and your reservations display in a list.


Find a Reservation

You can either browse the listing, search, or use the calendar to select a date to find your reservation.

Edit a Reservation

If you need to edit a reservation.

1. Click the View Details button for the reservation you want to edit. The Reservation Details screen displays.



From this screen, you can either:

  • Change the space
  • Create a service request
  • Change the date and time
  • Enter reservation notes
  • Delete the reservation

If you see on the screen the Change Host button, then this lets you create a reservation for someone else. This will only display if you have the Operator, Administrator, or Site Administrator role.

Delete a Reservation

  1. Find the reservation you want to delete from the My Reservations screen.
  2. Click the Delete button. The message "Removing the item will cancel the reservations. Are you sure?".
  3. Click Yes to confirm, and the reservation is deleted.

Create a Service Request

When you use a space such as a desk or meeting room, and there is an issue that needs fixing, you can create a service request. 

  • Click the Create Service Request button to take you to the Create a New Request screen.

Create another Reservation

You can go to the Space Availability screen when you realize you need another reservation.

  • Click the + Create Reservation button and you will be taken to the Space Availability screen. See Create a Desk Reservation.