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Define Maintenance Center Holidays

You can now define holiday schedules for maintenance centers to better reflect operator schedules. Using a new Holidays screen, administrators can create schedules defining the dates when a center is closed for holidays or other days throughout the year when the center is closed. These schedules can then be assigned to each maintenance center to prevent service request tickets from being due on holidays or having holiday time count against the date required, operator SLA, and other reportable metrics.

To add a holiday schedule, access the Centers screen by selecting Admin → Centers from the Sidebar menu and click the new Edit Holidays button.

Edit Holidays - Centers screen.png

The new Holidays screen displays, where a holiday schedule can be defined. To add a new schedule, click the Add button - Holidays screen.png (Add) button and enter a name for the new schedule in the Edit Holiday field.

Add Holiday group - 1.gif

Once a name is entered, you can define the holiday schedule by clicking on individual days or clicking and dragging to select a range of days from the calendar for the corresponding month and year. When you are finished adding days to the schedule, click the Save button to save your selections and add the schedule to the list.

Add Holiday group - 2.gif

Once a holiday schedule is defined, access the maintenance center where the schedule should be applied by clicking the Edit button corresponding to the center on the Centers screen. The Edit Center screen displays information for the center, including the new Holidays field and Edit Holidays button. In the Holidays field, select the holiday schedule that applies to the center and then click the Save button.

Note: If you do not see a holiday schedule that applies to the center, simply click the Edit Holidays button to access the Holidays screen, where you can add a new schedule for the center.

New Holidays field and buton - Edit Center screen.png

Assigning holiday schedules to maintenance centers can improve the quality of reportable metrics available for the center by ensuring that holidays do not count against operators' expected response times. If you have any questions, please call 1-800-505-0224 or send an email to