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Edge Troubleshooting

Note: The Edge ticketing service is typically only used by Ricoh customers. 

Ticket Creation Issue

If tickets are not created in TRAC from any integration, such as FMAudit or Edge, you should perform the following checks:


  • Verify that the serial number of the asset exists in both Service Request and FMAudit. If it does, log into your TRAC site, and look up the building of the asset. Then select Admin>Space>Space Administrator and make sure that the Service Request Center is assigned. If it is not, that is the issue. Simply assign the center. 


  • If the Service Request Center is assigned, then verify that the alerts are set correctly in FMAudit. In order to verify, please contact FMAudit at


​For additional information, contact RMS Solutions by e-mail at

Request Types

The following are the available Oracle / Edge request types.

  • Hardware and Network Install/De-install/Retro-fit

  • Poor Copy/Print Quality

  • Jamming

  • No Power/Down

  • Cannot Print

  • Error code

  • Courtesy/PM

  • Hardware Install/De-install/Retro-fit

  • Accessory

  • Can not RX/TX faxes

  • Noise/odor

  • Other

  • Network Install/De-install/Retro-fit


HN01        HW & NW Install / De-install / Retro-fit

HW01        Poor Copy / Print Quality

HW02        Jamming

HW03        No Power / Down       

HW04        Cannot Print

HW05        Error Code

HW06        Courtesy / PM

HW07        Install / De-install / Retro-fit

HW08        Accessory

HW09        Can Not RX / TX Faxes

HW10        Noise / Odor

HW11        Other

HW12        AMR Device

HW13        AMR Install

HW14        Team Lead Audit

NW01        Poor Copy / Print Quality

NW03        No Power / Down

NW04        Can Not Print

NW05        Error Code

NW06        Courtesy / PM

NW07        Install / De-install / Retro-fit

NW08        Accessory

NW09        Can Not RX / TX faxes

NW10        Noise / Odor

NW11        Other

SW01        Poor Copy / Print Quality

SW04        Cannot Print

SW05        Error Code

SW06        Courtesy / PMs

SW07        Install / De-install / Retro-fit

SW09        Can Not RX / TX Faxes

SW11        Other


​For additional information, contact RMS Solutions by e-mail at



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