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View Space Types by Color

You can view the types of space found in the building's floor.

  1. Navigate to Space > Space Desktop.
  2. The Mode clipboard_ee5fd4e0a20ebf63b14c1f847cc517c5c.png icon at the upper right-hand corner will display in the Information Mode.
  3. Select a building.
  4. From the Legend click the Colors tab.
  5. From the Selection drop-down, select Space Types.

The floor plan colors change to display the space types.


Additionally, you can click the Options clipboard_ecddfd3ba363cf6a8b8ed53d4db10d50d.png icon to select either Super Category, Classification, or Group.

Learn more about the Super Category, Classifications, and Group, read the Add, Edit, or Delete Space Types article.

Super Category

The super category displays for the floor and each classification automatically rolls up to its corresponding Super Category.



The space classifications display for the floor.



The space groups display for the floor.

  • None - Default space group which includes corridors and other service areas.
  • Me Space - Spaces designed for individual work, such as workstations or offices. They have the capacity of 1 employee to 1 space.
  • We Space - Spaces designed for collaborative work, such as meeting rooms and huddle spaces. They have a capacity of 1 or more.
  • Soft Space - Spaces designed for informal use, such as a lounge or corner seating area. These are not typically assigned or reserved but where work can be conducted.