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Eptura Knowledge Center

Using the Space Administrator

Level: Admin

The Space Administrator allows you to edit details of buildings and floors that are managed using the Space Planning module. Most of the work in Space Administrator is done during the initial site configuration.

Access Space Administrator

  1. Navigate to Admin > Space > Space Administrator. The Space Administrator screen displays.

View Buildings and Floors

The views can be changed from the default view to a compact view. The compact view compresses the view so more information can be displayed at once. The view can be switched by doing the following steps:

1. Click the Settings  icon located at the upper right-hand corner.

2. Choose Compact from the selection.


Expand Information

1. To view floor information click the plus sign clipboard_ea8310ec9720c7fa052df3795356e8a5a.png to view the list of floors.

2. To view the spaces within a floor click the plus sign clipboard_ea8310ec9720c7fa052df3795356e8a5a.png to view the list of spaces.


Collapse Information

1. To collapse the space information within a floor click the minus sign clipboard_ef49e9509a51224752f48097d5d35642c.png to hide the list of spaces.

2. To collapse floor information click the minus sign clipboard_e1ac69ee11494392aeed756f55f65e2f3.png to hide the list of floors.


Manual Sorting

1. To sort the order of the buildings click the waffle icon  and drag the building in the appropriate order.


Reset Sort Order

To reset the sort order alphabetically do the following steps below.

1. To reset the sort order click the Reset Sort Order button  located at the upper left-hand corner.

2. Click the OK button to confirm.