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New iOffice Customer Portal - 2014 December

We understand how busy you are! As a result, we want to give you access to a robust online repository that contains all of the resources you need to quickly learn and maximize your company's use of iOffice. Our goal is to provide a living knowledge base that expands as we gain feedback from you and continue to enhance features and functionality of the modules. 



You can expect to see information about our desktop modules, mobile applications, and a continually growing knowledge base. Additionally we are making it a one stop shop for all documentation related to implementation, integrations and best practices.


The goal for this site is to get you up-to date information you need when you need it. The powerful search tools help you find the articles you are looking for easily without having to try to find the right terms. Finally through the use of the iOffice community we can see what you and our customers are looking for and point you to solutions that other people with the same questions had. 


Our new content management system will be available later this week, and provided you are a current iOffice customer, you have immediate access. Simply log into iOffice and select the Help link. You will then be automatically redirected to our new iOffice Support Portal. Looking forward to hearing your feedback! We'll have another post going further in-depth with the support portal next week.



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