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Add, Adjust, or Edit Inventory Items

The Inventory Items section allows you to manage and configure your inventory and stock.  

  1. Navigate to Inventory > Inventory Items. The Inventory Items -- Inventory screen displays.


Add Inventory Item

  1. Click the add item link.


The Add Inventory Items dialog displays.


  1. Complete the fields.
  2. From the Preferred Vendor Assignments area, complete the following:
    1. From the Category drop-down, select a category.
    2. From the Vendor drop-down, select a vendor.
    3. In the Part Number field, enter the number.
    4. In the Part Name field, enter the name.
    5. Click the Add link.
  3. Click the OK button. 

Adjust Inventory Quantity

You can adjust the amount of inventory you have for a specific item.

  1. For the inventory item you want to adjust, click the adjust link. 


The Inventory Adjustments -- Inventory screen displays.


  1. In the New Quantity field, enter the quantity.
  2. In the Reason for Adjustment field, enter the reason.
  3. Click the Save button.

Edit Inventory Item

You can edit the inventory item

  1. For the inventory item you want to adjust, click the edit link. 


The Edit Inventory Items screen displays.


  1. Make any updates to the fields.
  2. Click the OK button to save.

If you want to delete the inventory item then click the Delete button.