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Start Work on a Service Request (Operator)

When you are ready to begin working on a service request ticket, use the following procedure to start work directly in the Service Request App.

You must be an operator assigned to the request before you can start work on the ticket.

  1. Sign in to the Service Request App. The Queue screen displays.

  2. Tap the service request ticket on which you are ready to work on the Queue screen.

  3. The Service Request Details screen displays, where you can scroll down to review ticket information.

  4. Tap the Start button. A notification message displays to confirm the request has been accepted, and the ticket is marked as In Progress. 

    Start Work - SR App

  5. When you have finished work on the ticket, mark the ticket as Complete or if you are unable to complete work on the ticket and need to move on to a different task, place the ticket on Hold.

  6. Tap Queue to return to the Queue screen.