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Reservations Module Enhancements

In our continued effort to provide you with a user-friendly experience, we've made the following enhancements to the Reservations module:

  • Simplified room selection process. On the Room Availability screen, you now select a building prior to viewing room information. This feature can simplify the room selection process by limiting the number of rooms displayed to a single location. In addition, once a building is selected, the selection is retained, allowing users to add multiple reservations at that location more efficiently.

    Building Selection and larger icons - Reservations

    With this enhancement, large icons have been added to the Room Availability screen to clarify the status of room searches, allowing you to quickly respond with the appropriate action. 
  • Easily reserve a room in any building. If you select a building initially but realize you are in the wrong place, you can easily jump to a room in a different building. When creating a reservation on the Create Reservation window, simply enter the room number of the room you want to reserve. The list displays matching rooms from all locations, allowing you to quickly select the appropriate room.

    Update building with room selection - Reservations

    When a room in a different building is selected, the building entered in the Building field is automatically updated to the newly selected location. Additionally, the new building selection is retained, allowing users to seamlessly add additional reservations in the selected building.

These updates further streamline the process of adding reservations, providing you with an increasingly intuitive tool for adding reservations regardless of location. The changes will be rolled out to customers during the next update. If you have any questions, please call 713-526-1029, or send an e-mail to