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Add, Edit, or Delete a Building

Level: Administrator

Your portfolio will contain your buildings and your Administrator can maintain the building, floors, and spaces.

Navigate to your Building

  1. Navigate to Admin > Space > Space Administrator. The Space Administrator screen displays.
  2. Click the "Click here to try the new look. Customers can now build portfolio hierarchies that best suit their needs.


View the Building's Floors and Spaces

Expand Information

1. To view floor information click the plus sign clipboard_ea8310ec9720c7fa052df3795356e8a5a.png to view the list of floors.

2. To view the spaces within a floor click the plus sign clipboard_ea8310ec9720c7fa052df3795356e8a5a.png to view the list of spaces.


Collapse Information

1. To collapse the space information within a floor click the minus sign clipboard_ef49e9509a51224752f48097d5d35642c.png to hide the list of spaces.

2. To collapse floor information click the minus sign clipboard_e1ac69ee11494392aeed756f55f65e2f3.png to hide the list of floors.


Add Building

To add a building do the following steps below, all required fields with the red asterisk * will need to be filled out in order to save the building.

  1. Click the Action button.
  2. Select Add New Building. The New Building form displays.
  3. In the Name field, enter the building's name.
  4. In the City field, enter the building's city.
  5. From the State drop-down, select the building's state.
  6. From the Country drop-down, select the building's country.

The building is automatically saved. You can either complete the building's fields, add center and agreements, or assign a hierarchy to the building.

Edit Building Details

  1. For the building you want to edit, click the More Actions clipboard_e9eb0b467b888be7b85c2568af72c0ad0.png icon.
  2. Select the Edit button. The Edit form displays.


Complete the following fields:

  •  From the Classification drop-down, select the classification. This will classify the building using the IFMA standards.

Add or Remove Building's Center and Agreements

  1. Click the Centers & Agreements tab.
  2. Check the center or agreement checkbox.


To remove the building's center or agreements, uncheck the center or agreement checkbox.

Assign a Building to a Hierarchy

  1. Navigate to the Unassigned Buildings.
  2. Click the More Actions clipboard_e9eb0b467b888be7b85c2568af72c0ad0.png icon on the desired building.
  3. Select the Hierarchy tab.
  4. Click the Browse button.
  5. Click the Select button next to the desired hierarchy.


Delete a Building

When a building is no longer in use you can remove the building.

1. Navigate to the building that needs to be removed.

2. Click the More Actions clipboard_e9eb0b467b888be7b85c2568af72c0ad0.png icon.

3. A prompt will then show, click the Delete button.