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Updated Space Manager App Now Available for Android

We are proud to announce that an updated version of our Space Manager for Android tablets is now available on the Google Play store. This version allows you to perform all of the standard functions that you would normally perform on your desktop, but now allows you to perform them on your tablet. In particular, you can access floor plans and detailed descriptions about each room (including descriptions, square footage, and occupant information). The latest version is designed for the latest version of Android and contains a number of improvements that we think you will find helpful.  


You can download the application here: Space Manager App


Once you login to the application, you will see a list of all of your available buildings. 

iOffice Space Manager Login


Once you select a floor, a drawing of the floor appears. A toolbar is available along the left-hand side of your screen that allows you to perform a variety of functions. 

iOffice Space Manager Floor Selection


Selecting a specific room on your floor also provides a variety of information about the room. By looking through the tabs, we can see which users are associated with each room. 

iOffice Space Manager Room Info 


If you select a specific room and click the Attachments tab, you have the option to take a picture from your device, or simply add a new one. 

iOffice Space Manager Add Picture


Using the Legend button on your toolbar, you can view specific criteria based on the color code in your Legend. 

iOffice Space Manager Legend


The search feature also allows you to make it quickly accessible to find users, assets, and buildings. 

iOffice Space Manager Search


We hope that you download this free mobile application, and that you are as excited as we are about this update. We look forward to continuing to share these new and innovative updates with you in order to help you maximize your iOffice experience. 



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