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New Service Request App - Available Soon

Note: The Service Request App is now available on both Google Play and iTunes:


iPhone & iPad - iTunes Store

Android - Google Play Store


We are proud to announce our newest mobile application for our iOffice users. The Service Request Mobile App will be available in the next week in the iTunes Store and later for Android. Read on to learn more about the unique features you will have access to directly from your mobile device


Our Service Request Module is now accessible through an app from your smartphone or tablet.



We have just released our latest mobile app for our Service Request users. This new app is tailored just so that you can access all of the normal facilities maintenance items that you view on your current desktop version of the software. You can view service request tickets, view the details of each request, make adjustments to tickets and many other functions you currently utilize. There are also some new features that are completely new, and just for the mobile version! 


Access Your Request Queue

Once you have downloaded the Service Request Mobile App, you may log-in using your iOffice account information. You will then be directed to your Queue feed. You will see requests that have been submitted, and notice the severity of each request by the color on the left. You can select a request which will bring you to the details of that item. You will see when the request was created, and by whom, the request location, operators assigned and any photos. 


Create New Requests

To create a new request, simply select "new" in the top right hand corner of your page in the feed. Complete the details of the request, just as you would do on your desktop. You will have the option to fill in the details of the request, its location and any comments to clarify the item. Then click "save" and your ticket will have been submitted.  

Add Photos to Requests

Often it helps to clarify a problem by showing rather than telling. On the desktop version of Service Request, users can attach images to explain their situation. Now you can take photos directly from your mobile device, and attach them to your ticket. Simply select "photo" in the ticket description and select the photo from your device's photo library that you want to attach. 



Contact Individuals Through Text, Call or Chat Feature

One unique feature about using the Service Request Mobile App is the ability to communicate with individuals directly from your mobile device. When inside a ticket, you will see the "contact" button listed below the "photos" tab. When selected, you will see the individual's email and phone number are listed. It is here where you can directly call the individual or text them right from the app!    



To receive access to the Service Request Mobile App please contact your account manager for further details. 


We hope you enjoy this new mobile application and that it makes managing your service request tickets easier and more flexible then ever. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our support team, or leave a comment in the space below.  



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