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Identify Scheduled Tasks More Easily - 2017 January

You can now hide scheduled tasks on the Request Queue screen in the Service Request App using a new filter option, simplifying your view and allowing you to focus on manually added tickets. In addition, to help you easily differentiate between scheduled tasks and tasks that were manually created, a "Scheduled" badge now displays to the left of the ticket number for scheduled tasks. These new features can help operators identify scheduled tasks more easily and hide these tasks as necessary, providing operators with additional options for customizing their view in the Service request app.

New Scheduled filter - Service Request app

For example, if an operator only works on manually added tasks, he can select the new Hide Scheduled Tasks toggle switch to only display tickets that are not scheduled, eliminating the need to scroll past scheduled tasks. Conversely, if an operator should be focusing on scheduled tasks, the operator can use the new "Scheduled" badge to quickly identify these tasks. 

Using these new features, operators can now identify scheduled tasks directly on the Request Queue screen and hide these tasks as needed, allowing them to prioritize or ignore scheduled tasks with ease. If you have any questions, please call 713-526-1029 or send an email to