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2024 April Eptura Workplace Product Release

April's release includes:

  • Calendar Service Enhancement
  • Hummingbird Add-in - Eptura Logo Enhancement
  • General Maintenance - April 17th
  • General Maintenance - April 10th

Calendar Service Enhancement

Released April 17th

Administrators can manage calendar resources in the enhanced Manage Calendar Accounts page. This automates the setup of the integration of the Workplace Calendar Service with your Microsoft Outlook/Exchange environments.


Early Access

This enhancement is part of the Calendar Service Integration Early Access and you will learn more in Manage Calendar Accounts.

Hummingbird Add-in - Eptura Logo Enhancement

Released April 17th

We’ve updated the look of the Hummingbird to align with the recent branding update for Eptura Workplace.





Learn more in Install  the Hummingbird Add-in and the Using the Hummingbird Calendar Add-in to Reserve a Space.

General Maintenance - April 17th

Released April 17th

Hummingbird Calendar Add-in

  • When users changed their room selection using the Hummingbird add-in, the new selection did not replace the previous selection as expected. We have fixed this.  
  • The available spaces filtered by space type now filter correctly.

General Maintenance - April 10th

Released April 10th

  • Mail Module - The mail volume categories page in Mail was not loading for Admins.  This has been fixed.
  • Reservations Module - Some users were receiving more than one check-in notification which was annoying, so we fixed it.
  • Hummingbird App - User were unable to check-out early after an event had started; now they can successfully check-out early.