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Add Space Photos in Hummingbird Enchancement - 2019 August

You can now add photos of spaces directly in the Hummingbird app, allowing your operators or administrators to easily update space photos while walking the facility. This new feature can simplify the process of gathering and correctly assigning images to reservable spaces by allowing real-time verification of each image that is added.

Add Photo Hummingbird app.gif

To add a new image for a space, select the space in the Hummingbird app to view additional space details. If no images have been added to the space yet, the Add Photo button - Hummingbird.png (Add Photo) button displays at the top of the screen where an image would otherwise display. If images have been added previously, simply swipe left on the images until this button displays. To add a new photo, tap the Add Photo button - Hummingbird.png (Add Photo) button and choose whether to take a new photo using the camera or to add an exiting photo stored in the Photo Library.

This new feature provides operators with an efficient method for collecting and organizing space photos, simplifying the process of adding and maintaining these photos for your facility. If you have any questions, please call 1-800-505-0224 or send an email to