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Add or Remove a Filter to a Report or Dashboard

The filters panel allows you to display any filters defined for the view. You can set the filter values and see the resulting change in the Reports View panel. 

  1. Click the Filters clipboard_e3132e439aaa6fb0a2d661c25ced4ef06.png icon. The Filters panel displays.


Additionally, there is a More Actions clipboard_eff325ffbad23b23f9966a37660011b09.png icon to displays the pop-up menu:

  • Minimize All Filters - minimizes all filters selected for your report

  • Maximize All Filters - maximizes all filters selected for your report

  • Remove All Filters - removes all filters currently selected for your report

  1. Drag and drop a field to filter panel.


A list of conditions available for each type of column (numeric, date, and text) is listed below.







Does not equal

Is not equal to

Is not equal to

Greater than

Is between


Greater than or equal to

Is not between

Does not contain

Less than

Is on or before

Starts with

Less than or equal to

Is before

Does not start with

Is between

Is on or after

Ends with

Is not between

Is after

Does not end with

Note: Date filter values will be applied as UTC timezone values, but the report fields will still render with UTC or center timezones depending on which was selected by the user when creating the report.