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Edit Mail Preferences

The Mail Preferences are set up during the initial implementation and preferences can be changed at the site level.

It is recommended that you contact your Eptura Support team before making any changes.

  1. Navigate to Admin > Mail > Preferences.
  2. Select the relevant center.

The following table provides additional information about individual preferences available.



Allow Inbound Mail checkbox

This checkbox allows clients to input inbound mail.

Allow Outbound Mail checkbox

This checkbox allows clients to input outbound mail.

Allow Interoffice Mail checkbox

This checkbox allows clients to input interoffice mail. You are allowed to toggle the Entry Mode on the check-in screen to track the different types of mail.

If enabled, the Display tracking number field checkbox is available.

Allow Barcode Labels checkbox

This preference activates the barcode label button in the Receiving Queue and allows you to print barcode labels to adhere to interoffice mail for tracking.

You must have a Dymo Label printer provided by Eptura to use this preference.

Allow Routing Labels checkbox

This preference activates the automatic printing of routing labels once the package is added to the receiving queue. The label has the recipient and package routing information.

You must have a printer provided by Eptura to use this preference.

Allow Speedy Check-In checkbox

Allows a quick scan of interoffice packages or packages received in from a HUB mail center.

Allow Courier Detection checkbox

Allows system to identify mail couriers by scanning their barcode tracking numbers. It has the most common couriers in place, but you may add couriers to auto-detection by sending us a sample barcode tracking number created by the courier. 

Allow Package Deletion checkbox

This checkbox allows operators to delete mail items checked into the queue.

Allow Misc. Volume Tracking checkbox

Allow mail center to track miscellaneous volumes that are set up in the Volume Categories of the Mail Admin.

Allow Alerts (checkbox

Allows the system to send automatic email alerts to the package recipient when a package is checked in to the queue. The Admin must input the email address the communication is originating from and type in the alert message. The email may be cc’d to other email recipients.

If enabled, you have access to the following additional fields:

  • Reply To Address
  • CC Email Address
  • Mail Inbound Alert

Allow Alert Reminders checkbox

Allow the system to send automatic email reminders. The Admin may set the number of days, how many reminder attempts and input the specific alert message for each reminder. You may send reminders for items in the receiving queue or pending queue or both. Reminder messages are not sent out on the weekends. Reminder messages are sent at 5:00 am and stop after the third message.

If enabled, the following additional fields are available:

  • Send Every
  • Reminder Attempts
  • For items in receiving queue
  • For items in pending queue
  • Reminder Message 1
  • Reminder Message 2
  • Reminder Message 3

Allow Box ONLY Delivery checkbox

A virtual route can be created for boxes and items that you identify as a Box package type will be placed in a separate Box Route on the Receiving Manifest. Therefore when you select Box as the package type, you are identifying oversize packages that require special handling. For example, boxes so large they require more than one delivery clerk, or so heavy they require special equipment. 

If enabled, this allows you the ability to select the Mail Stop for any box deliveries.

Allow Piece Count checkbox

Allows operator to scan packages as they arrive to compare the courier manifest with the actual number of packages being received.

Allow Pending Queue checkbox

Activates the Pending Queue for packages that need to be researched. The system automatically denotes when the package was checked-in to the receiving queue, checked-out of receiving into pending, checked-out of pending and delivered.

Eptura must activate the Pending Queue before you can use it.

Allow Quick User Email Notification checkbox

If a new user is added to the database from the Mail Check-In screen, an automatic email is sent to whomever is the Mail Center/Global Admin notifying them that the new user has been added and their profile data needs to be updated. From and To email address is required.

Using New Mobile Device checkbox

This preference allows the proper process to activate within the application to correctly read the tracking number with the new hand-held.

Allow mail pick-up by customer checkbox

Allows a stationary signature pad to be activated to capture recipient signature when mail is picked-up from the mail center.