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Annotations Mode in Space Desktop Enchancement - 2020 October

Space Annotations have moved! The Annotation function in Space Manager was built using Adobe Flash, and because Flash will sunset after December 31, 2020, iOFFICE has moved the Space Annotations functionality to the Space Desktop under the Annotations mode.


Screen Shot 2020-10-26 at 2.30.02 PM.png


All existing annotations, except for free draw objects, will migrate automatically; no action is needed if you want to preserve your current space annotations. Customers can edit or remove existing layers as needed within the Annotations mode.  You will need to have administrator or operator permissions for the Space module to take advantage of these changes.

Annotation features now available in Space Desktop include: 


  • Create, edit and remove layers
  • Name a layer
  • Set view access to ‘me’, ‘admins & operators’ or ‘everyone’ 
  • Turn layers off/on within the floorplan 
  • Move annotation objects to another layer as needed 


Name and access.gif



  • Customer determines shape 
  • Re-color border line & fill 
  • Vary opaqueness of border line & fill 
  • Modify border line weight 


create shape.gif



  • Re-color font 
  • Re-size font (4-60) 
  • Adjust horizontal alignment (left/center/right) 
  • Vary border line weight & color 
  • Vary text box color & opaqueness 


create label.gif



  • Utilizes existing icon library currently used by markers
  • Resize the icon as needed 




Note: free draw for objects is not being migrated and is no longer a feature of the annotation mode.

This new annotation mode will allow you to quickly create annotations within the Space Desktop. If you have any questions, please call 713-526-1029 or send an email to