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Split Groups in Stacking Diagram Enchancement - 2018 July

You will soon have the option to split employee groups when creating move plans in the Stacking Diagram. At present, the Stacking Diagram allows you to combine groups from different buildings or floors when moving the group to a new location; however, there are situations where it is necessary to divide a department or group of employees to account for space limitations on specific floors in your building. Using the new Split Group feature, you will be able to split a single group into two groups, allowing you to move the groups independent of one another when planning your move.

Splitting Groups - Stacking Diagram.gif

Suppose you only have 5 workstations available on a floor but need to find space for 20 employees in the same department. If the group does not need to be located on the same floor, you can simply click the group name on the Stacking Diagram to display the new Split Group window. On this window, simply click and drag the slider to divide the group based on your availability and then click the OK button. The group is divided into two groups, allowing you to utilize all the available capacity in the current space and find a space for the remaining employees in a separate location.