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Hummingbird App and the Visitor Module Integration - 2019 August

You can now pre-register visitors directly in the Hummingbird app, allowing you to invite off-site guests to meetings and register them in the Visitor module from a single location. For example, if you have a meeting coming up with off-site attendees, invite them to the meeting as normal in the Hummingbird app. Then tap the new Visitor button - not selected.png (Visitor) button to access the Visitors submenu and select the Pre-Register Visitor option. The Visitor button.png (Visitor) button is then highlighted to indicate that the guest will be registered as a visitor when the reservation is created. 

Note: For the Pre-Register Visitor option to display, the building must be linked to a Reservation Center and Visitor Center by an iOFFICE Global Site Admin.

Add Visitors - Hummingbird app.gif

If you know you are adding most or all of your guests as visitors, you can also pre-register all visitors at once by tapping the Guests link at the top-left of the Guests section. The Visitors submenu displays. When you tap the Pre-Register option, all guests eligible for registration are pre-registered.

Pre-register all - Hummingbird app.gif

Note: Employees at your facility with an iOFFICE user account are not eligible for visitor registration, as they are expected to be on-site. This functionality is designed to reduce the potential for unnecessary pre-registration records. All guests on a reservation will receive meeting alerts as normal regardless of pre-registration status.

Furthermore, if you make a mistake and accidentally pre-register remote attendees (or forget to pre-register a visitor), you can easily update the pre-registration status of your guests added to an existing reservation using the Visitor button - not selected.png (Visitor) buttons on the My Reservation screen. This feature provides you with added flexibility, allowing you to make adjustments to the upcoming meeting as your guests' plans evolve.

Visitor button - Existing res - Hummingbird app.png

This exciting new integration between the Hummingbird app and Visitor module eliminates the need for employees to navigate away from the Hummingbird app to perform a separate registration for meeting guests, saving time and providing your employees with a more seamless experience. If you have any questions, please call 1-800-505-0224 or send an email to