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Recent Hummingbird App Updates

Employees can now use the Hummingbird app in various modes based on module availability at their site as well as employee access rights. This enhancement provides employees with an experience more tailored to their site configuration and permission level.

For example, if the site does not have the Reservations module but has the Space module, employees can still use the Hummingbird app to locate other employees and rooms in the space. This feature allows employees to explore their workspace and view coworker location and contact information, which can be useful during onboarding or when scheduling meetings.

FInd user-room without Res - Hummingbird app.gif

In keeping with the permission structure existing elsewhere in the iOFFICE application, employee access is always based on the user access rights granted to each employee, providing you with granular control over how your employees utilize the Hummingbird app. For example, if the employee only has access to the Service Request module, the Hummingbird app provides options exclusive to adding and viewing service requests.

Service Request only - Hummingbird app.gif

These new features increase the flexibility of the Hummingbird app, providing all employees with access to this powerful workplace experience tool. If you have any questions, please call 713-526-1029 or send an email to