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Update a Service Request

You can edit an asset, and if needed, you can assign an asset.

  1. Navigate to Service Request > Request Queue.
  2. If your site has multiple locations, from Center drop-down, select the center. The Request Queue displays.
  3. Either find the service request in the list or search for the service request.
  4. For the service request you want to edit, click the Edit button.

The Service Request Details screen displays the fields are detailed in the table below.

Request Information

The Request Information section allows you to enter specific information about your request.

  1. From the Date Required drop-down, select the date.
  2. From the Request Type drop-down, select the request type.

If you have already selected an Operator and then you change the request type this may result in the Operator being removed from the service types. This can occur when a different Operator is needed to complete the request.

  1. In the Priority field, select the priority of the service request. For example, Urgent, High, Normal, or Low.

If Scheduled Task is set up by your Administrator, then the If the Schedueld Task field displays. This lets you specify if this task can be scheduled. For example, if you are changing the filters of your air conditioning units, it would be a scheduled task, whereas if the service request is for a repait to the air conditioning unit then this would be an ad-hoc request.


This displays the Requestor and the Primary Contact. When the service request ticket is made for someone elese then the Primary Contact will display.

To add a Primary Contact, complete the following:

  1. Click the Contact Search link.
  2. In the Search field, enter the person's name.

The service request is automatically saved.


When the service request is completed you can, complete the following:

  1. Click the Edit button.
  2. In the Resolution field, enter a short explanation.
  3. Click the Done button to save.

The service request is automatically saved.


As the service request is worked on you can add comments.

  1. In the Comments field, enter a short comment.
  2. Click the Add button to save.

The service request is automatically saved.


You may assign an operator are set to the service request. Remember service request options require a set number of operators. This section will specify in the Assign Operator link if more than a single operator is required.

  1. In the Operators Needed field, enter the number of operators.
  2. Click the Assign Operator button. The Select an operator dialog displays.
  3. In the Search field, enter the operator's name.
  4. Select the operator's name.

The service request is automatically saved.


This lets you to add an attachment to a request, for example upload an image, additional instructions for an operator, etc.

Either drag and drop the attachement or click the here to upload attachments to navigate to the attachment and then you can upload it.

Request Location

The Location allows you to specify the location of the request.  The location displays on a map and if this is incorrect, you can search for the space.