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MDM/EMM Integration

Level: Client IT team

You can now configure devices registered to your MDM/EMM system to bypass the site address screen and jump straight to the login screen for Eptura Workplace apps. This integration simplifies the login process for your employees, increasing the likelihood that employees will access and use the apps.

To allow for this integration, we have defined the configuration key ioffice.url to be accepted from an MDM/EMM server. Your IT administrator simply needs to define the key (ioffice.url) and the value ( in your MDM/EMM provider’s management console.

Here's an example of a configuration key being defined in an MDM/EMM system.

MDM Define Key example.png

After configured, the site URL will be automatically entered in the apps when opened on managed devices, taking end users directly to the sign in screen.

This process may vary based on the MDM/EMM system in use. Your MDM/EMM vendor will have documentation available specific to their configuration process. For more information on defining this configuration for iOS devices, refer their MDM/EMM administrator to the App Configuration section on this page: Similarly, refer to this page for Android devices: