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Eptura Knowledge Center

Edit a Visitor

After a visitor has been registered the visitor's information can be edited.

  1. Navigate to Visitor > Registration. The Registration screen displays.

  2. In the Select the Visitor field, enter the visitor's name. The Live Search Results display.

  3. Select the visitor's name.

  4. Click the Edit button.

  5. Complete the edits to the information.

  6. Click the Submit button.


If you want to update any of the available Visitor Alerts in the drop-down field, you will need administrator privileges  found in Admin > Visitor > Alerts

  1. If you want to update the picture of the visitor, click the Capture Picture button. 

Your computer must have a webcam installed in order for the Capture Picture button to work. If you do not see a Capture Picture button, an Administrator needs to enable the "Allow Web Cam Image Capture" preference in the Visitor Preferences.  

  1. After you have completed all of your edits, click the Submit button. Your changes to the selected visitor have been saved. 

  2. You then can continue visitor registration.