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2023 July Eptura Workplace Product Release

July's release includes:

iOffice is Eptura Workplace

Released July 19th

To unify your Eptura platform experience and pave the way for future enhancements. We have updated the user interface with the Eptura logo.

Login Screen


Learn more in Sign in to Eptura Workplace.

Home Screen


Learn more in Eptura Workplace Navigation.



Learn more in Interactive Wayfinding Kiosk.

Hummingbird Space Panel


Learn more in Hummingbird Space Panels.

New Eptura Support Chat

Released July 5th

Our support chat has been updated and when you active the chat you will be able to ask questions to the new Eptura Bot.


General Maintenance

Released July 19th

  • Space Admin - The space types now sort in alphabetical order when you click the Reset Sort Order.

Released July 5th

  • Space module - When you search for a room on a different floor now the room displays in the search results.
  • Visitor module - Manager’s were given the ability to edit someone else’s visitor this super power was accidently given. We have removed this and the Manager’s user permissions are now what is outlined in the User Permissions.