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Asset Data

General Information

  • Asset data provided for initial loading and configuration must comply with the formatting structure of data template provided. 

  • The Local UID (Column A) is required to be populated within the data template to complete the upload.

  • The Local UID and Serial number values should be unique to each Asset. The Local UID and Serial number are allowed to duplicate (or match) for the individual asset, but should not be duplicated among multiple assets.

  • An Asset can be assigned to either a Location (Building/Floor/Room - All three values are required and should match the data defined within your iOffice environment) or Person. We are unable to assign an Asset to a Location AND Person.

  • Do not change the column headers in Row 4. We use these to complete the template uploads. If you would like to rename the fields, please add the "New" name in Row.


Download the iOFFICE Asset Data Template.xlsx file.

Data Columns

The table below lists the columns and which columns are required or optional.

Column Name Column Required Notes
Local UID Required Local UID is expected to be the Unique identifier.
Serial Number Required  
Center Required  
Asset Type Required  
Manufacturer     Required  
Model Name     Required  
Model Number     Required  
Building Name     Required Make sure the Building Name is in the same format used on the User Detail worksheet
Building Code     Required Make sure the Building Code is in the same format used on the User Detail worksheet.
Floor     Required Make sure the Floor Number is in same format used in the User Detail worksheet
Room     Required Make sure the Room Number is in same format used in the User Detail worksheet
Owner (Unique ID) Required Assets can either be assigned a space (visible on space plan) or assigned to an owner (not visible on space plan)
Attachment (Y/N) Optional  
Agreement (Y/N)     Optional  
Life of Unit Optional  
Age of Unit Optional  
Type of Refrigerant Optional  
Condenser Coil Type Optional  
SEER     Optional  
BTU     Optional  
Unit Type Optional  
Contact First Name Optional  
Contact Last Name Optional  
Contact Company Required Company is required. Data will appear in the "name" column for the address book. Data is not verified or matched.
Contact Address Optional  
Contact City   Optional  
Contact State Code Required State Code is required for contact info.
Contatct Zip Optional  
Cost Center ID Optional  
Printer Name Optional  
Networked     Optional  
Box Length Optional  
Business Unit Optional  
City State Zip   Optional  
Asset FMV Optional  
Department     Optional  
Division     Optional  
GVW     Optional  
Host Name     Optional  
IP Address  Optional  
Lease Company Optional  
License Plate Optional  
Location Code Optional  
Location Type Optional  
Mac Address Optional  
Notes     Optional  
Registration State   Optional  
Title Location  Optional  
Vehicle Type Optional  
Vehicle Year Optional  
Install Date Optional  
Removal Date  Optional  
Date Aquired Optional  
OLB Legacy     Optional This should not be used, this is a legacy field, only included for old clients.



Optional Define 0 to 30 custom fields.