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2023 April iOffice Product Release

April's releases included:

  • Space Desktop Printing
  • iOFFICE Sign-in Page Improvements
  • iOFFICE User Interface Improvements
  • Fixes and Improvements for April 27th
  • Fixes and Improvements for April 12th

Space Desktop Printing

Released April 27th

We are constantly striving to enhance the product and our focus has been on the ability to print clean and high contrast PDFs. 

The improvements were made to the processing of floor plan images in our drawing tile service and an increase in floor plan image resolution (72dpi to 300dpi). All your existing floor plans will be updated and any new drawings uploaded will automatically be updated.

Floor Plan Image Contrast Enhancement

Let’s have a look at the floor plan before and after, where the background image of the drawing now has improved contrast.





Text Contrast Enhancement

When you have text on the floor plan, now the text has improved contrast.





Coming Soon 

Compact View - There is a known issue with the quality of the text’s contrast and sharpness and our team is working on this to improve the experience.



Learn more in Print a Floor Plan in Space Desktop.

iOffice Sign-in Page Improvements

Release April 27th

We have refreshed the Sign-in Page to include new imagery.


We have refreshed the Sign-in Page to a new user experience.


iOFFICE User Interface Improvements

Released April 12th

We have updated the iOFFICE user interface with a new font to improve the user experience and readability. The following areas have been updated:

For example:



Fixes and Improvements for April 27th

Release April 27th

  • Translation - When you switch from English to another language the some module names refused to change to the translated version. Nobody wants to see English when they are expecting to see another language so we have made sure all the translations are displayed properly.
  • Space Module - The space’s reservable toggle became all blue, so we told it to cheer up and now it displays as an enabled toggle.
  • Move Module - The Move Request's Occupant details fields where cut short so we fixed this so you can see the full text.
  • Mail Module - The Mail's Receiving Manifest only displayed the date when the mail item was closed but it was suppose to show the date and time. It now displays the date and the time.
  • Copy Module - It was reported that the Copy Job Request was causing some frustration as you couldn't see the full name of the Operator taking the job. This has been fixed and now you can see the operator's full name, so you know who is working on the copy job.

Fixes and Improvements for April 12th

Release April 12th

  • Space Availability - When you hover over a space in the Available Space list the space locator was slightly off to the side. Now, we have given it a tuned up and it now it pulsates accurately on the space.
  • Hummingbird App and Service Request Module - After you had submitted a service request, you might have noticed that the App and Module request lists were not synchronized. We took action and made the necessary adjustments to ensure that the lists matched up perfectly.