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SFTP Migration to Azure US Data Center - 2029 January

As the next phase in our migrations to Azure, customers sending SFTP files to the server in the United States need to transition to the new SFTP server located at Azure South Central US. By storing your SFTP files at Azure, iOFFICE can provide you with the same level of protection and security we introduced with the recent Azure migration, including data-at-rest encryption for all files stored on the Azure SFTP server.

What do we need to do to prepare? 

Alert the appropriate IT resources responsible for this managing this change and complete the following steps prior to scheduling the migration.

  • Whitelist to allow your company to send and retrieve files on the new SFTP server at Azure (using port 22), and continue sending your user file to the existing SFTP at Rackspace for now.
  • You can make the change in coordination with your Account Manager by using as your server address. After it is completed please let your Account Manager know (or call 713-526-1029) so we can note that you have made the change. If you'd like to work more closely with our teams schedule a date and time with your Account Manager to assist in the switch to the new address on the Azure SFTP server ( This process will involve an Integration Manager who will complete the setup required on our end and confirm the process is working as intended. 

    Note: For those customers who currently direct their file process path to drop to the 'root' folder of the existing sftp2 instance, you will need to update this path for the sftp3 migration to point to an IN folder. Please refer to the Root to IN Folder Path Update section and work with your Account Manager for additional details on completing this setup.

iOFFICE can begin scheduling migrations now, and we encourage you to complete this process as soon as possible. All migrations must be finalized by April 1st, 2019.