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Eptura Knowledge Center

P-Line Standards for Eptura AutoCAD File

Eptura AutoCAD P-Line standards requirements are detailed below use this when you process the AutoCAD file.

  1. Set Units to Architectural; 0' - 01/8"; Inches.
  2. Verify floor plan is drawn to scale (standard door width = 3').
  3. Set AutoCAD - Options - Display - Arc and Circle Smoothness = 15000.
  4. All interior, exterior building walls, and room fixtures must be be visible on processed drawing.
  5. Remove all ancillary layers and attributes from drawing, including electrical and mechanical layers.
  6. Leave base exterior walls, interior walls, fixtures, common areas, and furniture visible.
  7. Unlock, unfreeze, and turn on all drawing layers and make all layers black (color 250). Except for colors used within Eptura layers, all other drawing layers will be in Color 250.
  8. Processed drawing must have all interior and exterior building walls and room fixtures.
  • Remove all ancillary layers and attributes from drawing including electrical and mechanical layers - leaving base exterior walls, interior walls, fixtures, common areas and furniture.
  1. Explode and isolate all lobby, common area, break area, conference room, training room, fitness center, cafeteria, meeting space, and work room furniture, equipment and files, and assign furniture and files to the following layer names:

  • !FURN
  • !FILES
  1. Eptura P-Line for Space, Boundary, Floor, and Room Layers must be named and colored. The following layers are used to generate the link from AutoCAD data to our IWMS application, for example, generates Space module data which links to floor plan occupants, and subsequently is used to generate all Space Allocation and Utilization reporting. 

  • !A-AREA-SPACE (blue)
  • !A-AREA-FLOOR (orange)
  • !A-AREA-ROOM# (teal)
  • !BOUNDARY (red)

A few rules to be aware of when you modify CAD files for upload:

  • !A-AREA-FLOOR layer must not be modified - This layer is configured to capture the designated RSF.

  • !BOUNDARY layer must not be modified - This layer designates the print boundary within the Web application after upload to your site.

  • !A-AREA-SPACE & !A-AREA-ROOM# layers designate each trackable area on the floor plan

    • !A-AREA-SPACE polylines should be updated/added/subtracted to match all space updates made within the AutoCAD drawing file

    • !A-AREA-ROOM# is the single layer (text field room value) used to designate the Unique identifier for the tracked space within the AutoCAD drawing file.

      • Each !A-AREA-SPACE polyline requires a single unique !A-AREA-ROOM# text field for AutoCAD processing and upload to your site's Space Administrator.

  • All Eptura layers !A-AREA-SPACE, !A-AREA-FLOOR, !A-AREA-ROOM#, & !BOUNDARY are turned off before CAD upload to Space Administrator.

  1. Isolate, flatten, and explode all systems furniture (cubicle) panels, connectors, and assign to the following layer:
  1. Isolate and explode all systems furniture (cubicle) work surfaces, and private office furniture and assign to the following layer:

  • !WKST
  1. Workstations (cubicles) must display panel walls surrounding an empty, p-lined workstation area

  • Ensure p-lines connect to all interior points and are closed.
  • For octagonal furniture pods please ensure p-lines are symmetrical in shape and align with uniform aisles and corridors.

  1. P-lined Offices must be empty of all furniture.

  • Furniture must be assigned to the !WKST layer and turned off.
  • Ensure p-lines connect to all interior points and are closed.

  1. Common Area and Meeting spaces will display seating and furniture within the p-lined room.

  2. Burst all room blocks and delete any extra attributes - leaving room number as a text entry that will be assigned to:

  • !A-AREA-ROOM# 
  1. All room identifiers will be text entries.
  2. Flatten all 3D Polylines, 3D Faces, and Polyface Mesh.
  • Flatten all 3D polylines. This changes to create a standard polyline.
  • Delete hatches.
  • Flatten 2D polylines.
  • Delete solids. 
  • Explode reference blocks.
  • Delete points.
  • Delete panel attributes.
  1. Create tight !BOUNDARY square around the perimeter of the space plan.

This designates the print area for the floor plan - please use similar-sized Boundary box for each floor of the client's facility.

When you process drawings make sure you use licensed AutoCAD software (full version required).

  1. Freeze the !A-AREA-SPACE layer (keeps polylines from breaking), perform the following commands:
  1. Analyze the processed drawing and resolve any errors.