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Proxyclick and Eptura Workplace Visitor Integration

Level: Administrator

If you are using Proxyclick to manage your Visitors, this can be integrated with Eptura Workplace's Visitor module. This will enable you to:

  • Preregister or register a visitor with Eptura Workplace's Visitor module and this will flow to  Proxyclick's Visitor logbook, and vice versa.
  • Visitor statuses can be updated in either visitor dashboard and will be reflected in near real-time. The statuses include: Pre-registered/Expected, Lobby/On-site, Checked-in, and Checked-out.

Enable the Proxyclick Integration

For each Eptura Workplace Visitor Center you have you will need to set up a linked center. For example, if you have a centers in the following locations:

  • Texas Office - set up a integration for the Visitor Center Texas.
  • Singapore Office  - set up an integration for the Visitor Center Singapore.

From Eptura Workplace enable the Proxyclick integration:

  1. Navigate to  Admin > Marketplace > Proxyclick Onboarding.

The Proxyclick Linked Centers screen displays.


  1. Click Link Center. The Create link form displays.


  1. In the Proxyclick Location Id field, enter your identity number in the format CO-XXXXXXX.
  2. From the Center drop-down, select the Eptura Workplace's visitor center.
  3. For the Enable email notifications either:
    • Leave the default as ON
    • Toggle the setting OFF

Email Notifications

  • If you choose to use Proxyclick to send out notifications but you have registered the visitor first in Eptura Workplace then Proxyclick will not send the "You have a visitor" email, so leave the default setting ON so the iOFFICE sends out the email notification.
  • If you choose to use iOFFICE to send out notifications then you can toggle this setting OFF as Eptura Workplace will send out the email notifications.
  1. Click the Save button.

If you edit the Linked Center you will need to re-populate the User Name and Password fields.