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Check In - New Visitors

If this is your first time visiting a facility, use the following procedure to check in using the Visitor App.

  1. Access the iPad displaying the Visitor App.
  2. Tap the Check In button on the Visitor Home screen. The Check In screen displays.

    Check In - New Visitor
  3. Tap the New Visitor button. The Visitor Type screen displays, where you can select your visitor type.
  4.  Select a visitor type, such as employee, guest, or vendor, from the displayed options. Additional fields display, allowing you to enter information for your visit.

    Enter Additional fields - New Visitor
  5. Make entries in the additional fields as necessary, tapping the Go button between each entry to proceed to the next field.
  6. After all required entries are made, tap the Proceed button - Visitor app (Proceed) button in the top-right corner of the screen to continue. The Host Selection screen displays.
  7. Enter the name of your host in the Search field and select your host from the displayed list. The front-facing camera is activated, allowing you to take a picture for your visitor badge.

    The picture requirement can be bypassed by activating the Bypass Picture toggle switch on the Settings screen. If the device is defined to bypass the picture, proceed to step 9. 

    Select a host - Visitor app.gif
  8. Adjust the camera and tap the Camera button to take a picture for your visitor badge, and then tap the OK button in the bottom-right corner. The Agreements screen displays.

    Capture picture - New Visitor

    If you are not satisfied with the picture as taken, tap the Retake button in the bottom-left corner and repeat step 8.
  9. Read the displayed agreement, such as a non-disclosure agreement, and sign your signature in the Signature box.

    Signature pad - Visitor App

    If you need to start over and sign a new signature, tap the X (Cancel) button to clear the entry and start over.
  10. After your signature is entered, tap the Proceed button - Visitor app (Proceed) button in the top-right corner to continue. A confirmation screen displays.

    If the Floor Viewer option is enabled, the location of your host is pinged on the floor plan to help you locate your host in the building. If badges are being used at the facility, the visitor badge prints at the corresponding bluetooth printer. In addition, an email is sent to your host to confirm your arrival.

When you have completed your visit, use the Checking Out - Visitor App procedure to check yourself out of the facility.