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Check In - New Visitors

If this is your first time visiting a facility, use the following procedure to check in using the Visitor App.

  1. Access the iPad and open the Visitor App.
  2. From the Visitor Home screen, tap the Check In button.


The Welcome check-in screen displays.


  1. Enter your email address.

Either you will be prompted to enter your email or phone number; this depends on the required field set in Visitor Administration and Customize the Visitor Module.

  1. Tap the Create New Visitor button.

The Visitor Type screen displays.


  1. Complete the details and required fields are marked with an asterisk*.
  2. Tap the Next button and the Chose Type of Visitor screen displays.


  1. Tap the visitor type and the Whom are you here to see? screen displays.


  1. In the Search field, enter in your host's name and then tap their name.
  2. Next, the front-facing camera is activated, allowing you to take a picture of yourself for your visitor's badge.

The picture requirement can be bypassed when the Bypass Picture toggle is switched on, see the Set up the Visitor App article. 

  1. Adjust the camera and tap the Camera icon to take a picture of yourself for your visitor badge. If needed, you can retake the picture.

The agreement screen displays.


  1. Read the displayed agreement, such as a non-disclosure agreement.
  2. In the Signature field, sign your name.
  3. Tap the Finish button.

The confirmation screen displays.


If the Floor Viewer option is enabled, the location of your host is marked on the floor plan to help you locate your host in the building. If badges are being used at the facility, the visitor's badge prints at the corresponding Bluetooth printer. In addition, an email is sent to your host to confirm your arrival.

When you have completed your visit, use the Checking Out - Visitor App procedure to check yourself out of the facility.