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Service Request Administration

Level: Administrator

To make administrative changes in the Service Request module, you need to have appropriate permissions.

  • Navigate to Admin > Service Request and the Service Request menu displays.

The Service Request menu lets you navigate to the following:

  • Priorities - Service Requests can be assigned a priority level to help operators evaluate which requests need to be responded to most quickly. Learn more in Add Edit or Delete Priorities.
  • Service Companies - These represent the third-party maintenance contractors who service the facility. Learn more in Add, Edit, or Delete Service Companies.
  • Service Request Fields - If you need custom fields for your Service Request then these can be defined. Learn more in Add, Edit, or Delete Service Request Fields.
  • Service Request Type Hierarchy - This is arranged in three-parts such as Category, Sub-category, and Request Type. This is important to visualize when doing administrative work on the module so that you can easily make the necessary additions and changes, with minimal confusion. Learn more in Set up the Service Request Type Hierarchy.
  • Request Types - These are individual, detailed requests that fit into a request type category, see Add, Edit, and Delete Service Request Type.
  • Schedule Tasks - These can be manually updated, see Scheduled Tasks.

Your Site Administrator can define or enable setting in the Preferences:

If you have a particular order or want fields to be hidden then you can customize the layout of the Request Queue. Learn more in Customize the Service Request Module.