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Recent Legacy Report Migrations - 2019 April

As part of our continued efforts to provide you with a single-source reporting tool, we have migrated additional legacy reports to the Insights module. This consolidation provides you with more robust functionality when viewing these reports. The following legacy reports have been migrated and are now available in the Insights module.

Asset module reports
  • Assets not connected to a Contract
  • MDS - Asset Location List Export Report
  • Meter Reads Report by Meter Type
  • Meter Reads Data Dump
  • Utilization Report

Asset module reports - Insights.png

Copy  module reports
  • Copy Job Counts by Product Type
  • Copy Usage by Department
  • Copy Waste Report
  • End User Chargeback
  • End User Chargeback with Contract Price
  • Equipment Volume Report
  • Job Order Detail Specifications
  • Monthly Copy Center Chargeback
  • Monthly Copy Center Chargeback - Export to Excel
  • Monthly Management Accuracy
  • Monthly Management BW Copies Volume
  • Monthly Management Color Copies Volume
  • Monthly Management Copies Wasted Volume
  • Monthly Management Copy Job Volume
  • Monthly Management Timeliness
  • Open Production Orders
  • Print Type Volume
  • QC Error Report
  • Six Sigma Copy Control Report
  • Vended Items
Directory reports
  • User Duplicates
Inventory module reports
  • Inventory Adjustment
  • Inventory Details
  • Inventory Order History
  • Inventory Sheet
  • Inventory Sheet Export
  • Open Purchase Requests
  • Received Purchase Requests
  • Reorder Inventory
Mail module reports

  • Checkpoint Scan on Route
  • Delivered Mail Packages
  • Kiosk Package Counts by Hour
  • Mail Items
  • Mail Packages in Pending Queue
  • Mail Piece Count
  • Mail Transaction By Couriers
  • Median Kiosk Wait Times
  • Misc Volume Summary
  • Miscellaneous Volume
  • Monthly Inbound Mail
  • Outbound Mail Packages
  • Package Delivery
  • Six Sigma Control Chart - Individual Observations
  • Undelivered Mail Packages
  • Yearly Courier Comparison
  • Yearly Inbound Accountable Pieces
  • Yearly Misc Volume Report
  • Yearly On Time Deliveries
  • Users Directory By Mail Stop

Mail reports - Insights.png

Space module reports
  • Employee Listing by Organization Level
  • Space Allocation Summary by Organizational Level (Occupant & Space)
  • Space Allocation With Occupant Detail
Service Request module reports
  • Completed Work Order List
  • Completed Work Order List Detail
  • MDS - Fleet Service Detail
  • MDS - Fleet Service Summary By Request Type
  • MDS - Machine Uptime Performance
  • MDS Performance Measurements by Machine - All Assets
  • Operator Assignments
  • Total Work Order Activity

This report migration is part of an overall consolidation of our reporting tools. Reports in the Insights module provide users with more flexibility than legacy reports allow, including the ability to customize your reportschedule reports to run at predefined intervals, and view multiple reports in a custom dashboard. If you have any questions, please call 713-526-1029 or send an email to