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Categorize selected space types as "Safe" in Space-Right™ Release - 2021 March

Space Admins can now categorize specific space types as safe while using the Space-Right™ tool. This makes it easier to reconfigure a floor plan for safe distancing while utilizing fully enclosed or other physically separated spaces.

Space-Right™ uses square footage to determine if spaces are “safe” or “unsafe,” but it does not take walls into consideration. Some spaces, such as offices or phone rooms, are fully enclosed, so occupants of two neighboring spaces could be safe despite being in close proximity. This new enhancement enables space planners to accommodate their Space Right distancing plan for these kinds of spaces and optimize capacity while maintaining their safety policy.

This enhancement is available to all Space-Right™ customers.  Learn more in Turn on Physical Distancing.

safe spaces gif.gif

Categorizing space types as safe makes reconfiguring your floor plan for physical distancing even easier.