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Workplace Calendar Service for Exchange V2

Early Access

The Calendar Service Integration documentation has been released early and this integration will be coming soon to Eptura Workplace.

Level: Eptura Implementation team / Client IT team

Eptura Workplace can integrate bi-directionally with your organization's Corporate Calendar

When this integration is turned on:

  1. Your Administrator can connect specific spaces (typically meeting rooms, conference rooms, huddle rooms, etc) in Eptura Workplace to the matching resources in your Corporate Calendar.
  2. Eptura Workplace users can then see which rooms are free/busy based on their status in your Corporate Calendar.
  3. When Eptura Workplace users book these spaces in Eptura Workplace, that booking is automatically synced back to your Corporate Calendar so that everyone can see that it is booked in Microsoft Outlook. 

If you have questions, then see Workplace Calendar Service for Exchange V2 FAQs and the Nylas' Developer Guide for Microsoft.

When the user books a room via Eptura Workplace, the following occurs:

  1. The user creates a Room Booking via Eptura Workplace.
  2. Eptura Workplace submits a booking request through the Calendar Service to your Corporate Calendar.
  3. Your Corporate Calendar checks to see that the user has permission to create a booking and that the room is free, if it is the room is booked and an email invite is sent to the user so that the booking also appears in their calendar. 
  4. Eptura Workplace reflects that the room is booked. 


The following integrations are supported:

Google Calendar is coming soon.