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Add, Edit, or Delete Stops

This is a mail stop where you "stop" to drop off mail, for example you could have the mail personnel drop off mail in a hallway which is a designated mail stop/ drop off point.

Routes and Stops are set up at the initial configuration and this can be added in the User Data import. Stops may be added or edited on a site level basis. 

It is recommended that you contact your Eptura Support team before making any changes to routes or stops.

Access Mail Stops

  1. Navigate to Admin > Mail > Stops.
  2. Select the relevant center.

Add a Stop

  1. Click the add stop link from the upper right hand corner.


The Add Mail Stop screen displays.


  1. In the Name field, enter the name of the stop.
  2. From the Route drop-down, select the route.
  3. From the Building drop-down, select the building. If the building is not available to select, contact Eptura Support team to set up building information and settings.
  4. Click the OK button.

Remember to assign users to the new mail stop, see Assign a User to a Mail Stop.

Edit a Stop

  1. For the route you want to edit, click the edit link. From this view you can change stop name, reassign the stop to a different route, change building assignment, make the stop inactive and update users assigned to the stop. A list of users assigned to the stop appears under the User window.

  2. To reassign the user to a different mail stop, highlight the user, select the new mail stop from the drop-down and click the arrow button.

  3. Click the OK button. 

Delete a Stop

  1. For the mail stop you want to edit, click the edit link.
  2. Click the Remove button. The message "You are about to remove this stop from the system. Proceed?"
  3. Click the OK button and the stop is deleted.