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New Hummingbird Login Screen

The second half of your site URL will soon populate automatically on the Hummingbird Login screen, saving employees time when logging in to the Hummingbird app. For example, if your site URL is, you now only need to type Customer in the URL field before tapping the Login button. This intuitive new field can save employees time by reducing the number of keystrokes required to sign in to the app.

New Sign In screen - Hummingbird plugin.png

Does your site URL end in something other than No worries, we thought of that! Simply type in your full URL as you normally would or tap on the pre-populated portion of the URL to enter the remaining portion of your URL. Once you have completed this process, the alternate URL you typed in the pre-populated portion of the URL will be retained for future logins.

This new feature simplifies the login process, reducing the potential that a typing error will prevent an employee from accessing the exciting and helpful features available in the Hummingbird app. If you have any questions, please call 713-526-1029 or send an email to