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Understand Allocations

Level: Administrator

Allocations help you organize items into groups. These allocations can be:

  • Organizational Unit - Define your organization's structure (and you can include cost centers).
  • Building Hierarchy - Define the building hierarchy of the location or functional usage of your buildings and then assign it to the building.
  • Meeting Room Amenities - Define what amenities are found in the meeting room, such as whiteboard or web conferencing.
  • Flexible Space Amenities - Define what amenities are found in a flexible space, such as a sit to stand desk.
  • Employee Type - Define the type, such as causal, contractor, full time, of part-time.
  • Projects - Identify the spaces that are used by project teams.

These are a few examples; the different allocations can be defined for whatever you need to track for a employee (user), space, or building.

Manage Allocations

The depth of the allocation will depend on your organization's structure and reporting requirements. The allocation depth can be defined to 0, 1, or 2 levels, or it can go to further levels down.

You will need to Set up new Allocation, Depths, and Items for the different allocations you want to use and then as your organization grows or evolves, these can be edited or deleted.