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2023 July Hummingbird Mobile Product Release

Hummingbird Login Screen Improvement

Released July 19th

We have refreshed the Hummingbird App's Login screen with the Eptura logo.

clipboard_e5d18e3a8c4d6828d3306e0a1447596cf.png     clipboard_eb43de9cbb51c3e7a42cc28c2c557415d.png     clipboard_ef9d42cab51236fc39c9fa6ca1b6ac85a.png

Hummingbird User Interface Improvements

Released July 10th

We have refreshed the Hummingbird App with a new font and colors to improve the user experience and readability.

clipboard_e6eaec337def37947e9033c1bc3b03ce2.png   clipboard_e6746c4321ff9e019b12ce51dfaeef266.png

General Maintenance

  • Reserve for Later button now consistently displays and behaves, so that you can reserve that space at a later time.
  • Service requests that where submitted from the Hummingbird app, displayed the time fields 6 hours behind the actual time. We have corrected this nonsense.