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Neighborhoods in Space Desktop Enchancement - 2021 September

Space Module Admins will soon be able to create Neighborhoods from the Space Desktop. This new enhancement enables space planners to group spaces and users together, which provides visual representation and structure for admins to allocate space to various business units, plan strategically, and report on their new hybrid workplace. 

Neighborhoods give Space Planners more detail and control over how their workspace is allocated and can fine-tune with ease. For example, an admin using the Space Desktop can intuitively assign a group of reservable rooms and assigned desks to the Engineering team and report on how many users are assigned to that space. As the Engineering team adds headcount, the space planner may notice they will outgrow their area of the floor and take action to accommodate them. 

Features included in this release:

  • Admins can define Neighborhoods within the Space Desktop.
  • Admins can create Sections by drawing boundaries or selecting spaces managed in Space Desktop. 
  • Admins can see lists of spaces and people assigned to a Neighborhood.
  • Admins can report on Neighborhoods in the Insights Module.
  • Operators, Managers, and Customers can see Neighborhood Information on the Space Desktop

This release is available to all Space Module customers and no action is needed to activate it. Navigate to Space > Space Desktop > Admin Mode > Building > Floor > Neighborhood tab to start creating Neighborhoods and Sections.

Navigate to Neighborhoods.gif

For more information about creating Neighborhoods and assigning users and spaces to them, check out the support documentation here. A series of additional features will be released over the next few months to support and enhance the capabilities of Neighborhood designations for Admins and End Users. Stay tuned for additional updates!

Neighborhoods allows admins to support flexible work environments by allocating, planning, and reporting on space with greater detail and control. If you are interested in finding out more about this feature contact your Account Manager. If you have any questions, please call 713-526-1029 or send an email to