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View Occupancy by Color

You can view the occupancy of the spaces for the building's floor.

  1. Navigate to Space > Space Desktop.
  2. The Mode clipboard_ee5fd4e0a20ebf63b14c1f847cc517c5c.png icon at the upper right-hand corner will display in the Information Mode.
  3. Select a building.
  4. From the Legend click the Colors tab.
  5. From the Selection drop-down, select Occupancy.
  6. When you hover over the legend, the spaces highlight on the floor plan and statistics display.


The legend contains the following:


Spaces that are not assignable to a person, i.e., Kitchen, Conference Room, Print Room, IDF (Individual Distribution Frame) Room etc.



Spaces that are assignable to a person(s), i.e., Office, Workstation, Shared Office, Workbench etc.


Over Capacity

Spaces where there are too many people assigned to the space. In this example, the Workstation's capacity is 1 and there are 3 people assigned to the space.


Under Capacity

Spaces where there are fewer people assign to the space than the set capacity. In this example, the Workstation's capacity is 3 and only 1 person is assigned to the space.



Spaces that can be reserved or booked by your employees. 

clipboard_ea8aae850786f0aeaec8cfe9d59e58ab9.png   clipboard_eae0ce152b8a8bcacdd7c191f5a78fef2.png


Space that is not assigned to a person.