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#1 - Users

Your people are the heart of your business. When it comes to workplace planning, they are the most important factor of all. Our software can bring in your employee data so Eptura Workplace remains updated with your employees' on-boarding and off-boarding from your business.


  • When you gather the user information there are main columns required for the initial import and additional columns can be set up, see User Data for more information on the data requirements.
  • The User Types and any Custom Fields will need to be set up in Eptura Workplace, see:
    • User Types - this defines the type such as Contractor, Full-Time, Part-Time, learn more in User Types.
    • Custom Fields - these are extra fields your business requires, learn more in Edit or Delete User Fields.
  • The User Permissions will be discuss with the Customer and then Implementation Manager will arrange to have the permissions applied. Learn about the User Permissions in Eptura Workplace User Permission Matrix.

Initial Imports

  1. Client to provide User Data via a shared directory. 
  2. After the data has been imported in you can verify the User data has been correctly import in.

Ongoing Imports

Your ongoing imports will have the pre-processor created and ready for when you send the files via SFTP, Eptura Workplace will automatically process your files using the processor before it is loaded in.

  1. Client sends the import files via SFTP.
  2. We automatically process and load the import files into Eptura Workplace.

Automated User Provisioning (AUP)

Learn more about the process for importing in users via SFTP in  Automated User Provisioning.


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