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iOFFICE Revit Plugin Coming Later This Year - 2014 December

We are hard at work developing an exciting new Revit plugin that we think you will find very helpful. With most floor plans being in an AutoCAD format, you have most likely had a variety of positive and negative experiences in trying to get your buildings up-to-date. While AutoCAD has its uses, because of it's drafting focus it carries a great deal of baggage and it can require a good amount of work from your team and ours to get each of your floor plans ready to use. Now with our Revit plugin, you are in for a treat. 


Revit provides a number of helpful upgrades over your current AutoCAD software. While AutoCAD doesn't know the difference between a door and a wall, Revit does. When combined with the iOFFICE plugin, Revit can automatically detect each room in your floor plan, enter your boundary lines for each floor, as well as automatically label each of your assets on your floor plan and send it directly to iOFFICE. This can be a time and monetary savings for your workforce and your all-important budget. 


But what happens if all of your building drawings are in an AutoCAD format? No problem there. With the Revit plug-in, you will be able to seamlessly import them into Revit. This means that you are bringing your facility into not only the present but also planning for the future. 


With the iOffice Revit plugin you can enjoy the power of iOFFICE combined with the power of Revit. 



If our new Revit plug-in sounds like something you might be interested in, you don't have to wait until it's officially released. Simply contact us for more information about how your company can get an advance version to test out. Your feedback would allow us to take a great tool and make it that much better for you. 


We hope that you are as excited as we are about this new plug-in, and look forward to continuing to share new and innovative updates to maximize your iOFFICE experience. 



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