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Eptura Knowledge Center

View the Order Queue

The Order Queue section allows you to view all of the available orders, status, and manage your inventory orders. 

Complete an Order

Orders that have been submitted show up on the Order Queue where order fulfillment takes place. Selecting Edit under the Actions section displays the details about the order. Entering the quantity filled compared to the quantity requested determines the order status. Backorders are created by entering an amount in the quantity filled section is less than the quantity requested. Tickets with backorders cannot be closed all the way out. 

The quantity available will be automatically adjusted depending on quantity filled. 

Complete the order by clicking the This order has been completed checkbox. 

Search Inventory Orders

The Inventory Order Queue screen allows you to search for orders by a variety of options, including:

  • Order #
  • Reference #
  • Order By
  • Status

If you want to search by multiple items, you can select the . If you would prefer to remove search criteria, select the Close Iconx.png.

Note: You should also select the appropriate center for your search. Once you have added the necessary criteria for your search, select the Search button. 

Add a New Order

If you select the new order button, the New Inventory Order screen opens. You can then follow the steps for creating a new order

Print an Inventory Order

In order to print an inventory order, select the printer  icon under the Order # column (next to the selected order in the queue). The New Inventory Order screen opens. 

Edit an Inventory Order

  1. To edit an inventory order, click the edit button. The Inventory Order opens.

  2. Once you have made your changes, click the Save button.

  3. If you would prefer to cancel the order, click the Cancel Order button. If you want to print the order, click the Print button.