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Recent Hummingbird Updates

We have made some minor adjustments to the Hummingbird app to help make the process of selecting locations for reservations and service requests more intuitive. 

  1. Improved flow when adding service requests. The process of adding a service request has been adjusted to allow users to select a location prior to entering request information. Previously, the location could be changed after a request type was selected; however, for customers with multiple centers or request types specific to certain buildings, this order was causing some confusion. In response to this customer feedback, we have moved the request location and center fields to the beginning of the service request process, reducing the potential for a request to be added for the wrong location.

    For example, when a remote user adds a service request using the Hummingbird app, the user is prompted to enter a location as the first step. Once a location is entered, only the request types applicable to the selected location are displayed. This improved filtering can help the user select the appropriate request type more efficiently.

    Select Location - SR - Hummingbird App.gif

    For users with an assigned location in the building, the user's assigned location is selected by default to save the user time when adding a request for their workspace. If necessary, the request location can be changed by simply tapping the location information displayed at the top of the New Request screen in the Hummingbird app.
  2. Expanded building and floor menus. When adding a new reservation in the Hummingbird app, you may have the option to select a specific building or floor; however, some users noticed that buildings or floors with long descriptions were not displaying entirely in the corresponding selection menu. In response to this feedback, we have expanded these menus to cover a larger display area, allowing you to see longer building and floor names when selecting a space.

    Expanded hummingbird menus.gif

We hope these subtle design changes provide you with an even more intuitive experience when adding service requests or reservations using the Hummingbird app. If you have any questions, please call 713-526-1029 or send an email to