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Additional Space Desktop Features

You can now navigate to the Space Desktop from additional screens in the iOFFICE application, allowing you to access the Space Desktop more easily. In addition, we have added the option to ping users and rooms in the Space Manager directly from the Space Desktop, which can help you locate users and rooms with ease in the Space Manager.

Refer to the following list for more information on each of these new options:

  • Navigate to the Space Desktop from Additional Locations. The Show in Space buttons in the iOFFICE application will now take you directly to the Space Desktop. For example, if you click the Show in Space button on the Space Administrator screen in the Admin module, the Space Desktop now displays in a new window.

    Note: If the Show in Space button is associated with a room or user, the room or user is pinged automatically.

    Open Space Desktop - Admin

    These buttons have been updated in various locations in the Admin module, the Move module, the Service Request module, and the Directory.
  • Ping Users or Rooms in Space Manager. With this enhancement, we have updated the Open in Space Manager buttons in the Space Desktop to allow you to ping a user or room in the Space Manager. When a user or room is selected on the floor plan, the name of this button is updated accordingly. For example, if you select a room on the floor plan, the button displays as the Open Room in Space Manager button to reflect the selection. When you click this button, the room location is pinged in the Space Manager, allowing you to quickly locate the room on the newly displayed Space Manager window.

    Ping room in Space Manager - Space Desktop

These new features provide additional integration between the Space Desktop and the Space Manager, allowing you to efficiently navigate between the two screens while completing tasks in the Space module. If you have any questions, please call 713-526-1029 or send an email to