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Space-Right™ Exclude Non-Occupiable Spaces Release - 2020 July

iOFFICE Space-Right™ now has more robust options to create the optimal safe work environment. Space Administrators can exclude non-occupiable spaces from the distancing algorithm. Opting out of converting spaces to offices ensures new capacity numbers are not calculated, and not included in the total floor occupiable capacity. This will help space planners that will not be converting non-occupiable spaces such as huddle rooms to offices or reducing capacity in conference rooms. 

By default, the Space-Right™ distancing algorithm calculates based on the safety level you select and recommends that non-occupiable spaces, such as conference rooms, reduce the assigned capacity to the number of occupants that can safely occupy that space. If the safe capacity of a non-occupiable space is less than two, the algorithm recommends that space be converted to an office. Space planners now have the flexibility to change these default settings and exclude these recommendations from the algorithm.

To exclude non-occupiable spaces, navigate to Space-Right™, and select a floor plan. Next, expand the spaces menu by clicking the + icon, and click the Configure button. Deselect Convert to Office to exclude this recommendation for non-occupiable spaces. The maximum capacity of the floor is calculated assuming a capacity of one for all occupiable spaces. You may see a decrease in maximum capacity by deselecting this option.  Deselect Reduce Capacity to exclude this recommendation for non-occupiable spaces. 


1_Exclude_Non_Occupiable_Spaces_Edited (2).gif


With this new feature, space administrators can exclude non-occupiable spaces and calculate their space capacity accordingly. If you have any questions or issues, please feel free to contact our customer support by calling 1-800-505-0224 or send an email to